Surplus courses

Surplus courses - Batchelor's degree

The Hebrew University encourages students to take courses beyond the quota required for the degree according to their curriculum ("surplus courses"). Unlike other universities, we grant exemption from tuition fees for surplus courses to a certain extent.


A bachelor’s degree student may participate in surplus courses as a regular student, which means can submit assignments and be examined in the course, and have this reflected in the grades sheet. The expression is given in a separate category - "surplus courses" - in which the grade is not included in the weighting of the grades for the degree. These courses may be recognized for the purpose of higher degrees studies, in accordance to the relevant academic rules, as well as for the purpose of rewarding advanced study compensation in certain workplaces.


The student will be exempt from paying tuition for participation in these courses in the amount of up to 8 credit points (in the theoretical sciences, in which the bachelor’s studies are on the amount of 120 credit points) or up to 10 credit points (in the experimental sciences, in which the bachelor’s studies are on the amount of about 150 credits points). If he completes his bachelor's degree studies within three years; And half of it (4 credit points in the theoretical sciences and 5 credit points in the experimental sciences) if he graduate after more than three years.



Cumulative credit in all standard years for studies up to 4 credit points (in the theoretical sciences) and up to 5 credit points (in the experimental sciences) will be reflected in the year in which the curriculum exceeds 100% and credit for up to additional 4 credit points / 5 credit points (in the theoretical / experiments sciences respectively) will be reflected in the third year, if the student has declared graduation and completed the minimum accumulation for the degree.


Free listeners

Graduate students are allowed to participate, in the status of "free listeners", in courses offered at the university, without charge of any fee. Participation in these courses does not include the submission of assignments and exams and has no expression in the transcript