Overhead charges

Overhead charges

By decision of the public commission, the University charges an overhead fee of 10% of standard tuition in the following cases:

A student has over-extended his or her studies beyond the standard number of years for that degree.

A student is enrolled in a program that is smaller than 50%.


A student who is enrolled in 7 academic hours will pay 35% for those hours (5X7) plus 10% overhead. Total 45%.

A student enrolled in 10 hours or more will not be required to pay the overhead (5X10). Total 50%.

A student who is enrolled in 9 academic hours will pay 45% for those hours (5X9) plus 5% overhead. Total 50%. 

Important notes:

  1. The overhead charges do not count toward accrued tuition
  2. A student submitting two separate class schedules (two separate programs) shall be charged overhead fees separately for each schedule (if the conditions listed above apply)
  3. The 10% overhead is added to the percentage of tuition charged, even if a student is only enrolled in one semester

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