Calculating Tuition Fees

Calculating Tuition Fees

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Tuition is calculated according to the number of annual hours the student has enrolled in, by multiplying the hour value by the number of annual hours.  
However, several academic programs have flat-rate tuition fees which are not determined by the number of courses in which a student is enrolled.

Credit hours for each course are listed in the University Course Catalog

Hour-value by faculty:

In the non-experimental disciplines (faculties of humanities, social sciences, law, social work, education, business administration) one academic hour equals 5% of the full bachelor degree tuition.

In the empirical disciplines (sciences and mathematics, agriculture) 1 academic hour equals 4% of the full bachelor degree tuition.


A student in the Faculty of Natural Sciences (e.g. life sciences) who is taking 20 hours a week will pay 80% of the standard tuition (20X4%).

A student in the Faculty of Social Sciences (e.g. department of education or political science) who is taking 20 hours a week will pay 100% of the standard tuition (20X5%). 

Hour-Value in Irregular Tracks:

·         Agricultural economics – 5%

·         Hotel management and food resources – 5%

·         Dual-major in accounting– 4%

Academic Programs with Preset Tuition:

Tuition in the following academic programs is 100% for each of the standard years:

·         Medicine

·         Dentistry

·         AMIRIM program

·         Pharmacology

·         Nursing

·         Occupational therapy

·         Computer science and computational biology

·         Cognition

·         Social work combination (department 430. *except when combined with department 402)

·         Pharmacology retraining

Language skills courses

Students who choose to take language skills courses during their undergraduate program will be charged 5% of the standard bachelor tuition (100% - NIS 10,137 in 2017-2018) per academic hour.

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