Welfare Fee and Student Union Membership

Welfare Fee and Student Union Membership

Welfare fee of 120 NIS (38 NIS for Ph.D. students) – intended for welfare services for all students, not dependent on type or scope of studies.

Student Union Membership of 252 NIS (98 NIS for Ph.D. students) – enable the student union to offer various services and discounts for the benefit of students. The membership fee does not depend on the type, scope or length of study. Students are required to fill out a membership form through the Personal Information Website, where you will also find details about the services offered.

Cancellation of Welfare Fee and/or Student Union Membership: students may waive the welfare services or Student Union membership and be exempt from these payments.
In such a case, students must notify the Tuition and Payments Department by the end of the first-semester course registration period (for Ph.D. students – one month from registration day). Students must send their request by completing a form or attaching a scanned letter through "Contact Us" link.

Note that students who have chosen to pay both the welfare services fee and Student Association fees will enjow benefits in the Sport Centers. For information regarding sport facilities for students please enter the following link.

Services provided to students paying the wellness services fee:

  1. Free shuttle services between campuses.
  2. Mobile-phone notifications (cancelled classes, grades, etc.).*excluding MIRS users
  3. Modems for students on IDF reserve duty.
  4. Free intake interview at the Counseling Services.
  5. Free first interview at the Unit for Learning Disabilities.
  6. Participation in the university's sports team which competes in the ASA league.
  7. Internet provider services throughout Israel.


Services Provided to Students Paying the SA Fee:

  1. Recycling services and developing sustainability on campus.
  2. Free on-campus legal aid and administrative services: lawyer, CPA, municipal tax, National Insurance, municipality, income tax.
  3. Significant discounts to performances and parties on Student Day.
  4. Guided urban tours and nature hikes.
  5. Discounted prices on vacations in Eilat – FUNJOYA.
  6. Subsidies for missions abroad.
  7. Supermarket vouchers at a value much higher than the price paid by the student.
  8. Study bank – free download from a massive database of class summaries, exam questions and answers.
  9. Group purchasing options for a variety of popular products at unprecedented prices
  10. Coffee funds and microwaves for student use located around campus.
  11. Superstar Program offers a wide selection of attractive benefits to students called to IDF reserve duty, young parents, and bereaved students.
  12. Discounts on study marathons and auxiliary courses.
  13.  Discounted vouchers for purchases at Academon stores.
  14.  Discounts on past exam collections with solutions by top students at the University.
  15. Assistance and representation at disciplinary committee hearings.
  16. Discount punch cards for campus cafeterias.
  17. Tutor board that lists tutors selected specifically for students at the Hebrew University, at excellent prices per session.
  18. Free entrance to a variety of cultural and enrichment events on campus and in the city.
  19. Lending library – borrow books for an entire semester or year for a nominal fee.
  20. Study spaces around the city during exam periods.
  21. First-class programs for developing social and commercial enterprises.
  22. On-campus services for cyclists - Lockers, showers, bicycle routes, etc.
  23. Discounted prices for extracurricular enrichment classes at First Class.
  24. Sports activities and events
  25.  Counseling and assistance with academic-related issues.
  26. Promoting student-friendly public transportation and improving the process of issuing travel cards (Rav Kav).
  27. Supervising prices at campus cafeterias.
  28. On-campus pubs and student clubs.
  29. Variety of social projects and volunteer opportunities.

For additional information, see the SA website: http://www.aguda.org.il/ or Facebook page ‘Hebrew University Student Union’.


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