Additional Fees

Additional Fees

Student Card - New students are issued a student card free of charge.
The charge for re-issue of a lost card is 50 ILS.
The charge for re-issue of a stolen card, after submitting confirmation from the police, is 30 ILS.

Card renewal form 

Confirmation of tuition payment for the current academic year. Students can print confirmation of tuition payment for the current academic year from their Personal Information page. Issuing tuition payment confirmations for previous years costs NIS 30. These cannot be issued independently but must be applied for with a form.

Interest: Interest on arrears is calculated for overdue payments starting with Instalment 4 (due by Jan. 15).

Interest is calculated daily. The daily interest rate is 0.00021%.

Interest will be calculated from December 15th 2020, and will apply to all tuition fees, including security, wellness services, and SA fees, starting with the first overdue payment.

Interest on overdue payments will continue to be charged as long as the student has not defrayed payments on time.

Rejection fee: If for any reason, the bank does not honor a payment, students will be required to pay linkage and interest in arrears, in addition to a NIS 30 administrative charge.

Health Insurance (For foreign students): please see link, here.


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