Withdrawing from University

Withdrawing from University - General information

Students who have decided to cancel/terminate their studies must notify the Department of Curriculum and Student Payments via the Contact system in the Personal Information site or by registered mail (keep a copy of the dispatch note)Notifying or writing to the faculty about withdrawing does not constitute proper notice of withdrawal.


  1. Fees for programs with flat-rate tuition will be calculated according to 50% of the program’s full tuition for the first semester, and 50% of the program’s full tuition for the second semester.
  2. Non-attendance at classes or exams does not constitute study cancelation. Study cancelation will be applied from the date that the student has officially notified the Department of Curriculum and Student Payments in the manner described above.
  3. Students who registered for the academic year, submitted an exceptions application to a Committee for Teaching Affairs at the faculty and/or were granted conditional admission, but have failed to meet the condition, will be subject to termination of their studies by the faculty and will be charged tuition according to withdrawal procedures. The determining date for such students will be the date of the faculty decision to terminate their studies.
  4. Students whose studies have been terminated by order of a disciplinary committee will be charged according to the date of study termination, which will be the date of the disciplinary committee ruling or the date of suspension/disqualification, the later of the two.
  5. Students who filed two class schedules at two faculties or for two degrees and wish to cancel only one of the programs must explicitly note in their notification which of the two programs they wish to cancel, and they will be charged according to the cancellation procedures for the cancelled program.
  6. Students who cancel registration to one of two study programs before the end of the first semester's changes deadline will not be charged for the cancellation.
  7. Late admissions and/or registrations will be subject to the cancellation procedures listed in the tables above.
  8. A student who has not enrolled in any courses (except for students exempt from auditing, or who are academically ineligible to enroll) up to the last day of late enrollment for courses in that semester will be considered to have notified the University of cancellation on that date, even if no notification has been submitted. This student will be charged a realization fee. 
  9. Students canceling studies who have also studied English as a foreign language and/or Hebrew will be charged the full tuition for each semester for English and Hebrew studies, in addition to the charge for study cancellation.
  10. Withdrawal procedures also apply to University employees and their family members. Income imputation will be applied according to withdrawal procedures and cancelation date.
  11. Students submitting notice of study termination after the changes deadline for the first semester will be charged an overhead or overextension fee, depending on the tuition procedures for the degree in question.

The University is entitled to change withdrawal procedures from time to time. In any event that changes are made, the information on the website will be updated accordingly.

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