Research students withdrawal procedure

Research students withdrawal procedure


1. Research students wishing to terminate their studies must notify the Authority for Research Students and to the Department of Curriculum and Student Payments.

2. Research students giving notice of cancellation within one month of registering will not be charged tuition.
Later withdrawal will be charged the full personal tuition, but no more than 3,421 NIS + additional payments.

3. Students on an approved break by the Authority for Research Students, will not be charged for the break period.

4. Research students wishing to renew their studies after years in which the research progressed without being registered and his request will be approved by the Authority for Research Students, will be charged for tuition fees starting from the year of the renewal of their studies.

5. Research students who apply to renew their studies after several years during which the research progressed without them having been registered, and whose studies will be retroactively renewed for a pertinent earlier year, will have to register retroactively and pay tuition fees for the previous year.

A research student who wishes to resume studies after years in which he has progressed in research without being registered, his studies will be renewed retrospectively for all the years in which he was not been  registered and he will be charged a tuition fee for these years.

6. A research student who replaced his advisor during the doctoral program and renews his studies, but the research that has already been done is used to continue the new research, will not re-pay tuition and it will taken into account what has already been paid. The authority for research students is to determine the continuation of the research. Re-enrollment requires applying through the online registration system.

7. A research student who did not announce the cancellation of studies at the required time according to the Department of Curriculum and Student Payments guidelines, but did not actually receive training throughout the year, will be considered to be studying and charged. In cases where there are exceptional circumstances, you can apply for a special exemption from the tuition fee to the  Exceptions Committee for Tuition.

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