Refunds, scholarships and tuition exemption



Students who have finished paying tuition and have a positive balance in their account will be refunded that balance, linked to the latest published CPI. The refund will be automatically transferred to the bank account listed in the system.

Refunds are transferred to the bank twice a month, starting November 30, 2020 (after the changes deadline for Semester 1).

A positive balance in the tuition account or a refund does not indicate that all accounts have been settled, because there may be changes later which will give rise to a new debit balance.

Due to repeated changes in tuition during the changes period in the second semester, it is possible that reimbursements will only be made once a month.

The bank details for reimbursement and the date of reimbursement will be posted under Personal Information > Tuition and Payments > Balance. All students are required to make sure that their bank information is correct.

Students who do not have a standing order may provide bank information for reimbursement (only, not for charging) under Personal Information.

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