Exemption of tuition fees for MA students in experimental faculties

Tuition fees exemption for MA students in experimental faculties

MA students - who are part of a research group in the experimental sciences, devote their full time to research and receive a research grant, and who have not refused a teaching position offered to them - will be exempt from paying 200% tuition fees.
Students who are found eligible for exemption will receive a scholarship for the first two years of their degree.
First-year students must pay the advance payment of 1,014 ILS via personal information site and are not required to pay payment no. 1 / full tuition fee.
Students on their second year are required to pay the first payment of 1,014 ILS, which includes only the accompanying payment.
After the scholarship was updated, the tuition status should be checked. If there is a remaining balance due it should be paid via personal information. In case of credit balance it will be transferred to the student's bank account as of November 30, 2022.

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