Paying Tuition in full

Paying Tuition in full

Pay tuition on time to avoid holds on your Personal Information account as well as arrears charges.

Tuition can be paid in full by credit card, standing order (authorize this payment on Personal Information), Pikadon, or with voucher on the Personal Information system

This payment includes the security fee which is compulsory, as well as wellness services and SA fees (which can be canceled according to tuition fee regulations).

Students paying for a full-time program of at least 100% by September 15, 2022, will receive a 2.5% discount (excluding fourth-year accounting students and students of the pre-academic preparatory program.

This payment does not include charges for English/Hebrew language courses. Charges will be collected only after students file their class schedule.

Students eligible for a scholarship, grant, merit award, or tuition waiver must arrange for payments on time, regardless of the date of receiving the award.

Funds received by students will be calculated and in due course and students will receive a refund, if necessary.

Failure to pay tuition on time will entail interest and CPI linkage charges.

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