Health insurance


All Hebrew University students and post doctoral students who are not Israeli residents or citizens* must have an Israeli health insurance coverage while they are students at the Hebrew University.

The insurance can be arranged through the Hebrew University or independently.

Insurance via the University

Students who choose the insurance offered through the University will receive the Harel Insurance with the “Clalit” Health Medical Organization (HMO).

This policy is recommended by the university as it is provides comprehensive coverage for Covid-19 vaccinations and testing, pregnancy, psychological services, emergency flight evacuation and more which are not necessarily included in other health insurance policies.

Note that it is not possible to join the policy during pregnancy, considered as a pre-existing condition.


The health insurance rates of "Clalit" HMO are:
0-3 years: 14.08 NIS
4 - 65 years: 12 NIS
66 - 75 years: 13.8 NIS
76 - 85 years: 26.07 NIS

Click to fill out an insurance application form


For more questions regarding the policy, please contact Harel Yedidim at +972-3-638-6216 or Email:


Note that the dispatch of the health insurance policy can take up to 7 business days.

The form must be submitted no later than two weeks before the policy start date.

*If you are an Israeli citizen and you have state medical coverage, you are exempt from purchasing medical insurance upon providing proof of medical coverage


Insurance Arranged Independently 

For international students who opt to independently purchase health insurance, we require that you purchase a health insurance policy with one of the 4 HMOs (Leumit, Maccabi, Meuchedet, Clalit) in Israel, or with insurance companies that provide the health services through the HMOs, as currently they enable students to receive full Covid-19 vaccinations and testing services.

We encourage you to do your own market research. There are of course many more options in the market with English service, however, it is important to note that the above university policy of independent options are with Israeli HMOs.

Please note: HUJI International has no responsibility for the services provided by any of the above companies.

If you have insurance from  the HMOs that is not through the university, please fill out the waiver form and send it via  this form

Renewal of Health Insurance

Notice: The insurance company does not send a reminder for those who need to extend the insurance. The extension is on the responsibility of the student. The policy is sent to student's email by the health insurance company.

Harel-Clalit policy holders, you should contact insurance company in case of medical inquires:

Harel Insurance
Tel: +972-3-6386216
Fax: +972-3-6874534

Note: Rothberg International School students should not fill the above form and instead contact Rothberg School.