Health insurance

Students who are not Israeli residents must have health insurance while they are students at the Hebrew University.
Due to the corona virus crisis non-Israeli students must have "Clalit" health insurance.

In order to acquire new health insurance or to extend an existing one, please fill out the form in the personal information site.
The form must be submitted no later than two weeks before the policy start date.
For quetions please contact us via  this form.

Notice: The insurance company does not send a reminder for those who need to extend the insurance.
The extension is on the responsibility of the student.

The policy is sent to student's Email by the health insurance company.

After receiving the policy, you should contact insurance company in case of medical inquires:
Harel Insurance
Tel: +972-3-6386216
Fax: +972-3-6874534
Web: insurance New rates starting from 1/1/18 are: 8.5 NIS a day, CPI linkage.
For students in the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment is: 12 NIS a day, CPI linkage.

The health insurance rates of "Clalit" HMO for ages:
0-3 y.o. are: 14.08 NIS
4 - 65 y.o. are: 13.2 NIS
66 - 75 y.o. are: 13.8 NIS
76 - 85 y.o. are: 26.07 NIS

Rothberg International School students should not fill the above form and instead contact Rothberg School.