Tuition Grants

Tuition Grants


To ease the financial burden on students who wish to broaden their academic education, the University's Board of Administration resolved to in-state tuition grants which are factored into a student's annual tuition.

Enrichment Grant: A grant awarded to students wishing to broaden their education, and whose annual tuition fee exceeds 100% for a single class schedule. A grant amounts to up to 10% (accrued throughout the standard degree years) of the standard tuition for that year.

In any event, students will be required to pay the minimum accrued tuition, less the grant if awarded.

Graduation grant: Graduation grants are awarded in order to encourage students to graduate on the standard schedule. The grant amounts to up to 10% of the standard tuition.

The grant will be awarded to students who submit a statement of graduation and who have paid minimum accrued tuition. 

This grant is awarded in addition to the enrichment grant; however, the total tuition that a student will pay cannot be less than the minimum required to complete the standard bachelor tuition.


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